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The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) has formed a new partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MOFA) to develop and launch the first ever Global Port Integrity Index and scale up collective action activities in West Africa.

According to MACN, the Global Port Integrity Index will provide an overview and comparison of illicit demands in ports around the world. It will be based on the first-hand data gathered from captains calling ports around the world through MACN’s Anonymous Incident Reporting Mechanism. So far, over 28,000 reports of corruption in ports have been collected.

“This index will be instrumental in highlighting the need for further investments and initiatives addressing integrity challenges in ports to promote fair global trade,” Cecilia Müller Torbrand, Executive Director of MACN, said.

The partnership would help the global business network expand its collective action program in West Africa and deepen its current engagement in the region.

Through the new project, MACN would work with the international and local maritime industry and with key government authorities in Nigeria to improve the business climate and reduce corruption in the port and maritime sector.

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