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Air Freight

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Air Freight

  • Airport service
  • 24 hours service in 7 days a week
  • Priority delivery service
  • Senior discounts
  • Corporate accounts availiable

This enormous variety of air freights ensures great choice and flexibility for our clients. But beyond this extensive port range, GLOBAL SHIPPERS CONSULT(GSC)
has invested heavily in its own strategically positioned airport terminals around the world. This puts us in a far stronger position to ensure customers receive their cargo on time and on demand. Having these ‘home’ terminals means we are able to prioritise freights whenever necessary, and gives us greater control of the supply chain. It also provides our clients with added reassurance on the secure transit of their cargo.

has its own freight agents in Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, the Middle East and the United States of America.

Dry ports
GLOBAL SHIPPERS CONSULT(GSC) has also invested in a number of ‘dry ports’. These ports are designed to accelerate cargo delivery in cities that experience high levels of congestion. In these instances, GLOBAL SHIPPERS CONSULT(GSC) customers’ cargo is transported to the dry ports for collection, thus avoiding hours of unnecessary waiting. It’s another example of GLOBAL SHIPPERS CONSULT(GSC) investing time, money and expertise in order to provide a faster, more flexible service.